Pursuant to the Presidential Decree No. 198 known as the Provincial Water Utilities Act of 1973, the Tagum water district was formed for the purpose of acquiring, installing, improving, maintaining and operating water supply and distribution system for the Domestic, Commercial, and Industrial uses for residents within its area of responsibility.



We envision ourselves as a world class and progressive water district providing sustainable, socialized and responsive services.



We commit to continually improve:

  • our Organizational Competence
  • our Services, Quantitatively and Qualitatively
  • our Community Engagement
  • our Environmental Stewardship



Committed to Trustworthy Water Distribution.





     Through Sangguniang Bayan (Municipal Council) Resolution No. 103, dated June 19, 1980, Tagum Water District (TWD) was formed. With this, TWD acquired the ownership and management of the water supply facilities constructed by the Ministry of Public Works and Highways on 1977. A Conditional Certificate of Conformance No. 175 (CCC No. 175) was awarded to TWD, by the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) on December 16, 1981, after having complied with all the requirements for Local Water Utilities.

     Currently, TWD is headed by a Five-man Board of Directors, while the whole organizational operation is led by the General Manager. Presently, TWD is entering a transition phase having qualified for Category B Water District Classification. Under this recategorization scheme, TWD has four Departments running: the Administrative and Human Resources Department, Finance Services Department, Commercial Services Department, and the Engineering and Operations Department.

     The Administrative and Human Resource Department, formulates and implements the human resource programs, policies and procedures pursuant to the Civil Service Laws and Rules. Also, this department formulates and implements procedures on the procurement of materials, services and equipments. This department creates and implements policies on records management and security measures of the building grounds and people in the organization. The department creates the maintenance schemes for the water meters and other telemetry equipment. Warehousing, material maintenance, supplies, vehicles and equipment regulations are all under this department’s scope of work.

     The Finance Services Department is solely responsible for the maintenance of the corporate books of accounts and all accounting records, documents and the preparation of Financial and Accounting reports and Analysis. The department implements procedures and policies on cash management, particularly on safekeeping, disbursement, and control of water district funds. Also, the department implements procedures and policies on collection of water bills, cash funds and other monies or income of the District. The Finance Services Department coordinates with all other departments in preparation of the annual budget and prepares and monitors the projected financial reports based on the approved annual budget. Finally, this department determines the financial resources available to carry out water district programs.

     The Commercial Services Department maintains accurate and updated customer service records, follows-up on delinquent accounts, enhances collection efficiency and enforces utility rules and regulations as to billings, delinquencies and adjustments. This department receives and processes service applications including installation of new service connection and attends to customer complaints and requests. Also, this department conducts marketing surveys and formulates program on consumer relations, attends to customer complaints and requests. This department also investigates on illegal fetching of water and other illegal activities concerning the delinquent accounts.

     The Engineering and Operations department determines water production requirements and ensures the steady supply of water to the service area; maintains water pumps and water treatment facilities and water quality in accordance with the standards set by the Philippine National Standards for Drinking Water &the World Health Organization. The department conducts preventive maintenance and repair of equipment and facilities, initiates programs for protection and development of water resources and watershed areas. Implements programs for extension, expansion, and improvement of water supply system and undertakes repair and maintenance of transmission and distribution pipelines, including its appurtenances. Plans and designs mainline extension, including mainline improvement, water supply system, pumping facilities and other structures.