What is TWD?

Tagum Water District (TWD) is mandated by PD 198 to supply safe and potable water to the people of Tagum City. It has been serving 29,642 water service connections since January 31, 2015

Where does TWD get its water?

Presently, TWD operates and maintains nine (9) pumping stations as supply systems. TWD extracts, disinfects and distributes groundwater from production wells.

How does one apply for a water connection?

  1. Applicants must attend the orientation seminar scheduled every Friday from 8:00AM to 12:00Noon
  2. Applicants must submit the fulfilled application form to the Frontline Desk Personnel with the required documents attached.
  3. Applicants must then wait for the initial inspection to be conducted by the Construction Division Inspector, and install the in-house plumbing as per advice of the inspector.
  4. After final approval from the Construction Division Inspector, the Applicant must then wait for the Pre-Audit inspection for approval of service connection.
  5. After service connection approval, the applicant must then pay the necessary installation fees.
  6. Tapping will be scheduled after payment.

For how long is the Certificate of Attendance valid?

TWD sets the validity of the Certificate of Attendance to only three (3) months. This is so, in order to accomodate for the changes and developments in office policies and guidelines. Thus, within three(3) months, the seminar attendee is advised to process the new service connection. Failure to do so would automatically forfeit the Certificate of Attendance and the seminar must be retaken.

How much is the Application Fee?

The fees vary depending on meter size. For a standard 15mm (1/2 inch) diameter water meter size, the application fee is Php 2500.00

What does the installation fee cover?

The installation fee covers the cost of the water meter, fittings and labor cost necessary to connect a concessionaire's service pipe to the TWD mainlin. The excavation of trench for the in-house HDPE Pipeline shall be shouldered by the applicant.

Is it allowed to have multiple water connections under the same account?


What is meant by "abang"?

"Abang" is a Visayan term for the plumbing provision the new service connection applicant must prepare prior to payment of installation fee. Plumbing provision includes the pipes and gate valve connecting the water meter to the household / establishment. Click here to see the diagram.

Does TWD have accredited plumbers?

Yes, however, the applicant is free to choose their own private plumbers.

What is the PhP 5.00 meter maintenance?

The Php 5.00 meter maintenance which is added to the monthly water bill is intended for the cleaning of water meter, painting of water meter, replacement of spare parts or the meter itself due to wear and tear or broken glass. It is added to the current monthly bill.

Are the concessionaires allowed to provide or buy their own water meters?']

No. TWD uses only water meters that have passed quality standards and thoroughly inspected and calibrated by our personnel.

Is the concessionaire liable if the meter is damaged, hit be a vehicle or is stolen?']

Yes. The concessionaire is solely responsible for the water meter and is accountable for loss or any damage caused by any willful or accidental destruction as stated in the Service Connection Contract.

What are the steps in detecting water leaks?']

  1. During high pressure, turn off all faucets and flush tanks
  2. Check the water meter dial. If it is not moving, then there is no leak (unless the water meter and/or gatevalve is/are defective
  3. If in doubt, contact TWD immediately for technical assistance.

What are the tips for avoiding water leaks?']

  • Check all faucets and pipe joints and double check at night before sleeping
  • Turn-off faucets when not in use
  • Detach garden hoses from faucets to easily check for possible leaks and to prevent earthworms and other crawlers from entering the in-house piping system
  • Check the water meter dial, if it is moving, even if all faucets and flush tanks are not in use, then there is a leak.
  • Check the gate valve if it is still in good condition.

Who will repair leaks?']

  • Leaks from the water meter going inside the property must be repaired by the concessionaire/occupant
  • Leaks from the water meter towards the mainline and on all street pipelines will be repaired by TWD. In this case, the general public is urged to report water meter & street leaks to TWD.

Does TWD grant amnesty to sudden increase in water bill due to leaks ?']

Yes, but this can be availed only once a year and is applicable only to one billing period regardless of how many months the leak has occured. It is also subject to investigation. The concessionaire must present a certificate of repair issued by the plumber who fixed the leak.

Is there a service fee for transfer of meter request? How much?']

The fees depend on the type of transfer:

  • PhP 800.00 for dual tapping
  • PhP 1,800.00 for mainline tapping

Applicable fee can only be determined after inspection by TWD. Documentary requirements are necessary.

What are the requirements to change the name of the account holder?']

The change-name applicant must submit required documents. Requirements vary depending on the reason for changing the name such as: Sale of property, Waiver, Death of present account holder, and mairrage. Photocopy of Valid ID of the former and new account holders are also required. Frontline desk personnel will guide the concessionaire.

Is there a fee for change of account name?']


Does a change-name applicant need to pay all outstanding balances of the previous account holder?']

Yes, this is so because once the change-name applicant assumes the previous account owner's connection, he/she will automatically assume all related responsibilities and liabilities of the previous owner/occupant.

HOw much is the penalty/surcharge for current account not paid on or before the due date?']

A ten percent (10%) penalty/surcharge shall be added to your current billing in case the account is not paid until the due date indicated in the bill.

Is the water in Tagum City safe for drinking?']

Yes, it is safe to drink because it undergoes treatment which is chlorination and filtration process, making sure that TWD serves bacteria free water and safe for human consumption.

Is chlorinated water safe to drink?']

Yes, Chlorinated water is safe to drink with a specific residual value of 0.3 to 1.5 Parts per millon, the standard value set by the Philippine National Standard for Drinking Water (PNS-DW) of the Department of Health. The presence of chlorine in the water serves as a disinfectant eliminating bacteria and viruses that can enter into the water system in many different ways. It also prevents increase of the biofilms in the pipelines.

Is is safe to drink the Yellowish water from TWD?']

Yes, if the yellowish color is only caused by naturally occuring minerals such as Manganese (Mn) and/or Iron (Fe). Manganese is believed to be the cause of discoloration, and does not pose any health riskes but only affects color, taste and odor.

Who can avail of the Expanded Senior Citizens Act of 2010?']

The 5% discount on the monthly water bill is granted if the water service connection is under the name of the senior citizen residing therein; provided that the monthly consumption does not exceed 30 cubic meters. The senior citizen must register with the TWD Commercial Department to avail of this privilege. AN approved application is good for one (1) year only and is renewable every year.